Event Design We Got You Covered Event Design We Got You Covered

Prime Mykonos with over 12 years of experience in delivering high standards of customer satisfaction and can guarantee that you will have a memorable experience. We can support your idea with every single detail you may need and organize an event or party you will always remember.

DJs & Artists We Make You Dance DJs & Artists We Make You Dance

Need a DJ or an Artist? We have you covered. Our team of professional experts in this area we will provide you with best DJ or Artist for your party, event, dinner or wedding.

Sound We Give You Shivers Sound We Give You Shivers

We at Prime Mykonos can provide you with a variety of crystal clear sound equipment that can cover a wide range of events. Wedding or Bachelor, Private Party, Yacht Party, Business conference or any other type of event.

Light We Brighten Your Night Light We Brighten Your Night

Now is the time to create the best Atmosphere. Lighting is the most important piece of the puzzle. Make it unique with our high quality Lighting Effects.

Visuals We Show You The Story Visuals We Show You The Story

Do you want an event that everyone will remember? We can design footage video and any type of video with custom visual design to display at your event. We can even suggest you photographers and videographers to edit your project before you see it on the big screen. Create your 3d footage and make a professional presentation.

What we do

Our Services

Prime Mykonos Weddings audio lights

Wedding is always a special day and such we want to remember. In fact, we want your best day to be something you remember with a smile.

Party or Event

Party or Special event is a reason to celebrate something you are happy about. Whether is big or small the essence is the same


The planning and execution of a business event involves a number of aspects in order to deliver high standard results

Yacht Party

Organizing a Yacht Party is all about flexibility and planning in advance. It is not an easy task if you want to design the ultimate yacht party.


Last days of freedom or few days before you enter a new chapter in your life. We know the place, we got you covered in every demanding detail.

At Prime Mykonos, we know that life is about moments we share with people we love. We guarantee we will provide you with the best equipment to have a memorable experience

  • Lights
    Our High tech professional lighting equipment will literally light up your party. We can cover for simple light needs to the most advanced.
  • Cold Spark
    There is a great number of cold sparkles available upon your request to make your entrance unique
  • Professional Equipment
    The most high tech and popular consoles of the industry with a wide range of characteristics
  • Tailor Made Packages
    Our expertise in Event Design and knowledge of Mykonos island for over a decade will be the pillars to listen to your needs and design your concept to be unique based on your needs.
  • High Sound-Quality
    We aim to provide you with premium quality sound equipment. We consider your big or small event as ours.
  • Customer Service
    Being always available with a personal approach is what makes us different.
DJ's & Partners

Trust Our Partners

DJ/ VJ Nick Aggelidis
DJ/ VJ Nick Aggelidis
DJ Sakis Magafas
DJ Sakis Magafas
DJ Thanos TenTen
DJ Thanos TenTen
DJ Taylor D
DJ Taylor D
DJ Heavy G
DJ Heavy G
Singer Kelly
Singer Kelly
Eva Violinist
Eva Violinist
Producer Chris Madem
Producer Chris Madem
Photographer Vivo
Photographer Vivo
DJ Dimitris Karalis
DJ Dimitris Karalis
Light Jockey Vlad
Light Jockey Vlad
Sound Engineer Angelo
Sound Engineer Angelo
What we use


  • Pioneer XDJ RR All in one Console
  • Pioneer XDJ RX3 All in one Console
  • Korg Kaoss Mixer
  • Reloop Mixtour
  • Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol s49
  • Native Instruments Machine Studio
  • Native Instruments Traktor S4 MK3
  • Native Instruments Z1
  • Native Instruments F1
  • Native Instruments X1
  • Pioneer XDJ RX2 All in one Console
  • Pioneer DJM 600
  • Pioneer DJM 750 MK1
  • Pioneer DJM 900 NXS2
  • Pioneer CDJ2000 MK1
  • PIONEER CDJ 3000
  • Denon Prime GO Portable Battery Powered All in one Console
  • Denon Prime 4 All in one Console
  • Denon Prime X1850 Mixer
  • Denon Prime SC6000 Multiplayer
  • Cold Spark Machines
  • Special Effects
  • Fog Machines
  • Microphones
  • PA Consoles “Behringer 48 Channel”
  • Bluetooth Receivers
  • Projectors
  • TV’s
  • DJ Booths
  • Moving Led Bars FOS ACL Line 12  
  • Cold Spark Machines FOS
  • V-Show Uplight battery powered  LED 
  • Moving Led Bars FOS ACL LINE 12
  • Led Bars FOS Luminus Bar
  • Beam FOS TITAN
  • High Output Beam FOS 12R Hybrid PRO
  • Varytec Hero Spot 90
  • Stairville BEL6 Tourpack 6 LED PAR
  • Stairville BS-280 R10 Beamspot Moving Head
  • Eurolite LED TMH-X4 Zoom Wash
  • Eurolite LED BAR-12 QCL
  • Eurolite TMH-9
  • JBL EON 718 SUB
  • JBL EON 615
  • JBL PRX 818 SUB
  • JBL PRX 815W
  • RCF ART 710
  • RCF ART 715
  • RCF J8
  • RCF 8003-AS II 18
  • RCF HDM 45-A
  • RCF ART 745
  • Behringer B1500xp
  • Behringer 215D
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