Experience the pinnacle of private lounge entertainment with our Hawaii professional sound system. Designed to recreate the electrifying atmosphere of music festivals, Hawaii boasts the same sonic excellence found in L-Acoustics’ stage systems at top global events. At its core, the X8 concentric speaker design, favored by leading front-of-house engineers, provides a dynamic, immersive experience as if you were at the mixing console yourself—with the flexibility to crank up the volume thanks to ample SPL.

Diving into the rich depths of bass, our 2.1 setup combines two X8 speakers with two Syva Sub subwoofers. The Syva Sub, featuring advanced pro audio technologies, optimizes low-frequency delivery, controls turbulence, and enhances articulation. With Hawaii 2.1, your living space transforms into the go-to destination for unforgettable party experiences.

This comprehensive package includes LA4X and two Syva Subs, ensuring not just audible, but palpable, audio immersion. Elevate your entertainment and redefine your sonic landscape with the Hawaii professional sound system.

This package contains (click the link below for more info):

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