The Midas M32 Live is an extremely flexible digital mixing console with a high-contrast 7″ TFT screen and 25 high-quality Midas Pro motorised faders. The console features 32 XLR and six TRS aux inputs, 16 XLR and six TRS aux outputs, and a set of dedicated monitor outputs (TRS and XLR). On the digital side, the M32 Live has two AES50 ports, an ULTRANET P16 port for headphone distribution systems, and a 32-I/O USB audio interface installed in an expansion card slot. The console also boasts internal 40-bit floating point signal processing and eight true stereo effect engines that give the user access to high-quality signal processor emulations. There are also eight DCA and six mute groups as well as 25 time-synchronised mix buses, and wireless remote control is additionally possible via the M32 mix app for iPad.

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