The Vshow 12*40 Beam Zoom LED Bar features a simple and compact design with an aluminum alloy and engineering plastics shell. Its small volume and lightweight construction make it highly portable. The side wall incorporates a positioning splicing shaft design, ensuring the vertical splicing of lamps in a straight line.

Operational convenience is a key highlight, with an easy-to-use interface. The equal distance between lamp beads after splicing results in a continuous and uniform lighting effect. The focusing system allows individual control in sections, providing versatility for different lighting scenarios. It offers control over a single light source, presenting a variety of color macro effects and 16-bit dimming capabilities.

The efficient heat dissipation system and full temperature monitoring contribute to reliable performance. The LED bar includes automatic over-temperature protection, and adjustments to the fan speed provide additional temperature control. Real-time temperature display and a one-key reverse display of settings enhance user-friendly operation.

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