Enhance your DJ performances with our Ultimate DJ Performance Package, designed to provide superior sound and visual effects for any event. This package includes:

  1. 4 JBL PRX 815 Speakers
    • Four JBL PRX 815 speakers deliver powerful and clear sound, ensuring comprehensive coverage and exceptional audio quality throughout the venue.
  2. 4 JBL PRX 818 Subwoofers
    • Four JBL PRX 818 subwoofers provide deep, impactful bass, enhancing the overall sound experience with robust low frequencies.
  3. Pioneer DJM 900 NXS2 Mixer
    • The Pioneer DJM 900 NXS2 mixer offers professional-grade control and versatility, with high-quality sound, an intuitive interface, and extensive effects for seamless mixing.
  4. Pioneer CDJ 3000 Media Players
    • Two Pioneer CDJ 3000 media players feature advanced performance capabilities, a high-resolution touchscreen, and durable construction, making them ideal for top-tier DJ performances.
  5. American DJ Booth
    • The American DJ Booth offers a sleek and professional setup for your equipment, ensuring organization and a polished presentation.
  6. 6 Beam Moving Heads
    • Six beam moving heads add dynamic lighting effects, enhancing the visual impact of your performance with sharp, focused beams.
  7. 4 Wash Moving Heads
    • Four wash moving heads provide versatile lighting options, creating broad, smooth washes of color that complement the beam effects.
  8. 4 Cold Sparkle Machines
    • Four cold sparkle machines produce dazzling, safe-to-touch spark effects, adding a spectacular visual element to your event.
  9. 10 Battery Uplights
    • Ten battery-powered uplights offer flexible placement options, providing beautiful accent lighting without the need for power cables.
  10. 2 Jet Fog Machines
    • Two jet fog machines create dramatic fog effects, enhancing the visibility of light beams and adding excitement to your performance.

This Ultimate DJ Performance Package is tailored for professional DJs who require top-quality sound, advanced mixing capabilities, and impressive visual effects. Elevate your events with this comprehensive setup and ensure an unforgettable experience for your audience.

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