XONE 92 Allen & Heath

Step into the world of professional DJ mixing with the Allen & Heath Xone:92, a powerhouse mixer renowned for its exceptional audio quality and innovative features. Designed to meet the demands of club environments and discerning DJs, the Xone:92 stands as a testament to Allen & Heath’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge performance tools.

The Xone:92 features six dual stereo channels, offering a versatile array of connectivity options for turntables, CDJs, and digital sources. The mixer’s 4-band EQ, along with the renowned Xone VCF filters, allows DJs to shape their sound with precision and finesse, creating a unique sonic signature.

One of the standout features of the Xone:92 is its intuitive layout, providing easy access to essential controls while promoting creative expression. The dual headphone cue system, flexible crossfader configuration, and dual 24-bit/96kHz USB soundcards contribute to the mixer’s adaptability in various setups.

Built with the signature Allen & Heath analog warmth, the Xone:92 delivers a rich and immersive sound experience. Its robust build quality and robust construction make it a reliable choice for DJs performing in demanding club environments, ensuring consistent performance night after night.

Whether you’re a club DJ, studio enthusiast, or electronic music performer, the Allen & Heath Xone:92 stands as a symbol of uncompromising quality, versatility, and creative freedom in the world of DJ mixers. Elevate your mixing experience and immerse yourself in the sonic excellence that has made the Xone:92 a go-to choice for DJs worldwide.

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