Terms & Conditions

Rental terms and conditions

1. Payment
  • To ensure booking is confirmed, 25% of the amount needs to be deposited within 7 days upon receiving the contract.
  • Full payment must be paid after all equipment has been set up and prior to the scheduled event (cash or credit card accepted).


2. Cancellation
  • If the event is cancelled 21 days prior to the scheduled date, 50% of the deposit will be refunded. If cancelled after the 21-day time period prior to the event the renter will not be eligible to claim any refund to the initial deposit.


3. General
  • All equipment will be delivered, set-up and collected by the sound engineer allocated to your event.
  • Renter acknowledges that he has examined and tested the items of equipment listed herein and that the equipment is in good working condition and customer accepts the same as is, and without any rental reductions or claims therefore.
  • The Owner reserves the right to cancel the event if the weather conditions are unfavorable. If the Renter wishes to proceed with the event, he/she, must provide adequate space, shelter where the Owner’s equipment will not be exposed to these conditions.
  • It is expressly agreed that the present agreement supersedes any previous agreement(s) (oral or written) and all of its terms shall be considered as essential and the nullity of one clause shall not entail the nullity of the whole agreement, the invalid clause being assumed as non-written.
  • The company is complied with the Greek and European legislation regarding the protection of personal data (Greek Law 4624/2019, GDPR 2016/679 as they are applied today). Any personal data collected in the context of this agreement will only be used and processed for the purposes of this agreement.
  • Any dispute shall be interpreted in line with the applicable Greek Laws and the competent Courts for hearing any dispute concerning this agreement shall be the Courts of Athens.


4. Renter’s responsibility and liability
  • It is the renter’s responsibility to comply with the Greek legislation regarding the peace disturbance, pursuant to which from 15.00′ to 17.30′ o’clock and from 23.00′ to 07.00′ o’clock, high volumes and noisy operations are prohibited.
  • It is the renter’s responsibility to comply with Covid-19 regulations and restrictions that have been applied by the Greek Government
  • The renter commits himself/herself that the equipment will be exclusively used for the purpose for which it is hired, i.e. for the sound and lighting coverage of private events, without the Owner bearing any liability/responsibility in case of illegal actions (e.g. violation of the provision for health-regulated establishments etc.).
  • The renter is responsible to use the equipment with proper care and he/she is liable and accepts full responsibility for any damages (e.g. any water damage, sun damage, sand/dust damage or any other damage caused by negligence), loss or misplacement of the equipment for any reason during the hiring period, except damages caused by reasonable wear and tear.
  • In case the equipment is damaged or unclean – whether malicious or simply negligent- the renter shall at his/her own expenses, repair, clean or even replace the equipment. It is further agreed that in case of repairing, the renter, during the repair period, will be responsible for hiring additional equipment.
  • Any kind of sublease (total or partial), provision of use, either chargeable or free of charge, is prohibited. In any case, the renter shall not remove the equipment from the address and/or the location that has been determined as place of use without Owner’s prior approval and inform the Owner about the new location in case of a possible removal.
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